Coin Operated Massage Chair

Our coin operated massage chairs are an ideal way to maximise income from your space.

The model is constructed with environmental friendly and breathable PVC Leather, PPC board and Steel. 

MiComfort is a supplier of coin operated chairs that can be found in many retail establishments across the country. Our high quality coin operated chairs are in Shopping centres, Cinemas, Sport Centres, Hotels and Airports.  

Here are 3 examples of why one should be placed in the following settings:

Trade Stand & EventsThere is a genuine need for companies to differentiate their exhibition stand and have them stand out from the crowd. After hours of walking the exhibition floor what better way of spending a few minutes than to sit back, relax and have a world class massage.

Gyms, Health Spas and Hotels - Customers love the way the MiComfort massage chair can help them relax, help muscles prepare in a pre-workout massage or aid their recovery so they can avoid muscle fatigue which may inhibit their next session.

Company Recreational AreasWhat better way to reward staff than to let them access a stress busting massage chair in recreational areas throughout the building.

As a self-service luxury item that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone who enters your building, vending massage chairs can help you:

  • Monetize Open Space: Empty space won’t generate sales. Most massage chairs don’t require much room.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Perfect for waiting areas, a massage chair can give your customers a relaxing distraction. Plus, who wouldn’t want a quick massage before an appointment or after a workout?
  • Grow Customer Retention: Adding a massage chair or two to your business is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. If customers have the option of getting a massage while they wait, they’ll be more likely to visit you again!

MiComfort allows companies to both buy the Coin Operated Massage Chair outright or a profit share scheme with free delivery and installation. 

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